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Nashville Exclusive Mobile Pet Dog Grooming

office: (615)530-6764     Email:     Location: Middle Tennessee

Welcome to my Mobile Pet/Dog Grooming service!

The Mobile Pet/Dog Grooming Service that treats your dog as if it was ours!
Nashville's Exclusive Mobile Pet/Dog Grooming is dedicated to giving clients the very best mobile dog grooming & spa experience available anywhere exclusively at your doorstep!
Whether you are looking for dog grooming, cat grooming, or just the most experienced caring professional in the pet grooming business, you came to the right place. Well groomed pets certainly know when they are clean and looking good. Well-groomed pets are happier, better behaved, healthier, and more outgoing. Just like all of us, they feel good when they look good.  
I started my mobile dog grooming business in California in June 1993 and have grown on the referrals of many satisfied clients. 
 I am extremely passionate about working with animals and caring for their grooming needs, health and comfort.
Call Nashville's Exclusive Mobile Pet/Dog Grooming today!  You will be very pleased with the excellent service I have to offer!

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Nashville Mobile Pet/Dog Grooming is serving Nashville Metro area, Bellevue, Belle Meade, Green Hills, Fairview, Brentwood, Franklin, Ashland City, Kingston Springs, Hendersonville, Madison, Gallatin, Mt. Juliet, Murfreesboro and surrounding areas.

I provide a very Unique service of:


Teeth cleaning for dogs

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 "Anesthesia Free "- Teeth Cleaning for Dogs! 
Anesthetic free - teeth cleaning for dogs It’s surprising how many people forget that pets need regular teeth cleaning and are subject to tartar, plaque, gingivitis and many of same diseases of the teeth and gums as humans.   

 Periodontal disease affects nearly 80 percent of all cats and dogs over the age of three. As with humans, it’s an irreversible condition in which bacteria get under the teeth and cause gum inflammation, eventually leading to loss of bone in the jaw and eventually tooth loss.   

Oral disease is one of the leading causes of other diseases in pets, according to the American Veterinary Dental Society. Bacteria incubate in the mouth and migrate to other parts of the body, including the heart and other organs. Symptoms of gum disease in dogs and cats include yellow and brown build-up of tartar along the gum line, inflamed gums and persistent bad breath. 

Our cleaning method: First of all, we never use any kind of anesthesia, sedatives, or drugs of any kind. We use hand-held tools to remove the hard, scaly calculus (plaque) from your pet’s teeth. Then we brush them thoroughly and apply an antiseptic wash.

 More serious conditions, if any, are then noted during the cleaning procedure and are brought to your attention so that you may consult a veterinarian.    

The Cost: From $175 depending on the condition of your pet’s teeth. 
*We do offer a bi-monthly rate of $85. 

Not all dogs are agreeable to the process, but from my experience most are. Teeth that are rotted and detached from gum may not always be scrapeable and you will then need to take your dog to the vet if possible. I will let you know what the case is.



Last updated: 02/05/2014

    We have 12 Golden Doodle puppies-absolutely Adorable! They were born on Christmas Day! We have apricot, red and cream colors.
  •  we now have only 4 available for sale. You will need to place a $350 down payment deposit to reserve a Golden doodle puppy.
  • Our Goldendoodle Puppies are expected to weigh around 35-50 lbs at most.
  • Puppies will go home be ready to go 2/14 - 219/2014 having their first shot and wormed along with a health record.
  • We are reputable hobby breeders of Goldendoodles and provide you with support in regard to your goldendoodle puppy any time you need!
Click on our Goldendoodle website link to find out more information! Our Golden doodle puppies are ready go home on Valentine's day or on Feb. 19 2014 when puppies turn 8 weeks old.
Groomer's tip of the month

The importance of ear cleaning:

Ear cleaning in dogs that require haircut on a regular basis is extremely important. Some of those breeds are Poodle, Bichon, Schnauzer, some Terriers, Maltese etc.. Those dog breeds have hair that grows from the inside of the ear canal. This hair has to be plucked on a regular basis from deep within the ear. If allowed to remain in the ear, it will hold any moisture in there, thus preventing airing of the ear canal. This creates a moist and warm environment for bacteria and fungus to grow. Most dogs will have yeast infection in their ears as a result. Yeast infection smells really bad, is dark brown in color and if left untreated can cause a real health issue for your dog.

Call Nashville's Mobile Pet/Dog Grooming for a grooming appointment and we will make sure your dog's ears are plucked and cleaned!


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